Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Plan

Nutrition is absolutely vital to fitness. In fact, it is so important that Tracy won’t let you pick up a dumbbell until she’s set up a Nutrition Plan for you.

According to Tracy, the number 1 reason why people fail to achieve their fitness goals is because they don’t eat properly during training.

Experts – and fitness trainers say that proper nutrition is 75-80% responsible for significant weight loss.

Just how does this Nutrition Plan work?

Tracy will ask you to keep a diary for 2 days of your current diet. No judgments here, she just wants to see what your habits, likes and dislikes are so she can steer you in the right direction.

Then the two of you will sit down for an hour and a half and work out a meal plan based generally on these principles:

  • Eat FIVE meals a day
  • A balanced diet – protein, carbohydrates, fat
  • Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Cut back initially on bread, pasta, dairy and juice

Remember, the goal is to lose fat and build lean muscle.

The Nutrition Plan is the perfect place to start.