The First Step…


The first step in fitness – as in all things – has to come from you.

Typically, it’s the realization that something has to change.

You’re tired of the way things are.

And that can include:

    • Being tired all the time
    • No energy
    • Can’t fit into your clothes
    • Not looking good
    • Just not feeling good – and not feeling good about yourself
    • Any one of a million other reasons

Tracy Beckham’s Body by Beckham can help with all forms of planning, goals, and motivation but this First Step must come from you.

Has it happened yet?


  1. Alot of what is on this page is how I feel.
    I do not get alot of encouragement from my husband and am not sure how to deal with that.
    I need encouragement and thought I would start here.

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