About Tracy

Tracy BeckhamHere’s how I got started. I joined an “all female” gym in 1985 to get into better shape. Like many women, I was “bottom heavy” and wanted to balance out my shape. I was amazed how quickly my body responded to weight training. I loved it. At first, my parents weren’t thrilled. They didn’t think that bodybuilding was what a young lady should be doing. But now they’re very proud of my achievements.

I got serious the next year and joined Gold’s gym. I was living in Alberta, Canada at the time and Mr. Canada trained me for my first bodybuilding show. I won and went on to represent Team Canada at the 1987 IFBB Hawaii International Invitational contest. Now 20 years later I am on Team USA competing at the 2007 IFBB World Bodybuilding Championships in Spain!

Now, let me tell you what has worked for me in finally attaining my IFBB pro card by following my strategies. I start my contest prep if I can, one year in advance. Yes, that does sound like a long lead time, but it really isn’t. I allow myself nine months to gain size and three months of pre-contest dieting – those months go fast and it is always better to be prepared.

More on Tracy:

Height: 5’ 6 ½”
Weight: 136 Off-Season / 131-133 Contest
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Current Residence: Concord, California
Years Competing in Bodybuilding: 26
Sports Played: Track, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Gymnastics, Figure Skating

Occupation: Certified Personal Trainer (A.C.E.)

Owner of Body by Beckham

Sports Nutritionist

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

NPC Bodybuilding/Figure/Fitness Judge

Contest History

2012 IFBB Governor’s Cup Women’s Physique – 6th

2008 IFBB Ms. International Pro Bodybuilding Competition (Arnold Classics) – 16th

2007 IFBB Women’s World Bodybuilding, Fitness & Body Fitness Championships – Santa Susanna, Spain

2007 NPC Team Universe Heavyweight and Overall Winner and new IFBB Pro

2005 5th North American Championships

2005 4th Masters National Light Heavyweight

2004 1st Masters National Light Heavyweight – over 35

2004 10th Junior Nationals – Light Heavyweight

2003 Overall, Masters Overall and Middleweight winner – Caveman Classics – National Qualifier

2002 1st Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships – Masters Overall

2002 2nd Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships – Heavyweight

1999 2nd Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships – Heavyweight

1996 2nd Battle of the Champions – Heavyweight

1996 Overall, and 1st Middleweight – Derby Classics Bodybuilding Championships

1987 4th IFBB Hawaiian International Championships (one of four on Canadian Team) – Heavyweight

1986 6th Western Canadian Championships – Middleweight

1986 1st Alberta Bodybuilding Championships – Middleweight