Three Trophies!!!



How did you meet Tracy Beckham and why did you feel you needed a Personal Trainer?
I ran into Julie Pryde, a member of a gym that I previously belonged to. Our timing to connect was perfect, since I was looking to enter my first figure competition and “step up” my game in working out. I saw the significant difference in her definition and symmetry and heard that she had competed. I shared with Julie that it was difficult to find someone that I could just talk with about competing, that didn’t want money up front. Julie said that Tracy was very personable, detailed, really knew about nutrition & dieting (which really helped her with competing), and would give a free consultation. If that wasn’t enough, then she added….and she is also now, one of my really good friends. That sealed the deal for me. I gave her a call and I was REALLY glad that I did. Even after 15-20 years of working out on my own in many different gyms, trying many different diets, it has been an incredible journey working with a trainer who has current fruit on the tree.

What goals did you have and how did Tracy Beckham help you achieve those goals?

My original goal was to refine my workouts enough so that I could go on stage and compete in a figure competition for the first time at 45 years of age. I felt that was a personal goal big enough for me. Then when I met with Tracy and we talked a few times, she asked a few more questions and one of them was “Would you like to become ‘pro’, maybe compete nationally or internationally and travel?” I believe that a great leader and coach is a true visionary, and can help you see beyond what you’re capable of seeing for yourself. After a few seconds, I said, “Well, why not?” Tracy helped me to see well beyond my own thinking and limitations. Because we all know, that my current thinking got me the results that I had, and I was now looking for different results.

Tracy’s meticulous attention to detail, portion control, the way my body responded and looked day to day and week to week is amazing!

How did the diet or training help you in your life?
Wow. Where do I begin? When I first saw the food plan outlined for me, I had momentary thoughts of what I would be missing. ut I also knew that I had committed to a goal, and even without knowing Tracy yet, I knew she had the results, and that Julie, her client and friend, also had the results similar to what I was looking for. I knew that I had to have faith in the process and that the sacrifice would pay off.

Tracy helped me with an elbow injury that I’ve had for at least 6 months or more. With her specific instructions, and following them, that specific injury no longer exists. I’ve also always had issues when I worked out previously, with lower back tightness/soreness and a new injury in my hip flexor aea. Tracy’s experience with many various routines has helped me not only work around them and produce amazing results, but also be injury free!
In just a three to four weeks, I noticed significant decrease in bloating, which has always been there, and I felt would be normal for me forever. I also noticed that my energy levels had increased, and I was starting to lose weight.

I learned so much about how my body responded to portion control, the balance of healthy fats and “good” carbohydrates. Tracy taught me how to pay attention to my energy levels and my body. I also learned how important it was to stay in constant communication with Tracy to tweak things just right to be “competition ready”. This experience also gave me the confidence to know that if I could do this by committing to a goal and working with someone and being a good student, I could do just about anything!

On October 1, 2011, at the San Francisco Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini show, I went from 124 pounds to 103.5, we placed 1st in my class, 3rd in the 35+, and 3rd in the 45+. Three trophies!! I’m the leanest, most defined and feel the best I’ve ever felt, both inside and out! But we’re already looking at a new game plan, and new goals for the November 5th show in Sacramento and next year. If we did this in only 6 months, I can’t wait to see what we can do next!

And anything else you would like to share in the testimonial?
I specifically remember about an early conversation with Tracy when she said to me, “You’ll need to trust me if I’m going to be your coach. We’re a team. And if you trust me and follow the directions, the results will motivate you.” I truly believe that when you commit to your dream and mentor with someone that has fruit on the tree, you have to believe in your heart and with faith, that the desired result is shared and that you truly are a team. I had never had a personal trainer, a coach or a mentor in my work outs. Tracy has the experience, the knowledge, is meticulous with detail to help results for anyone! She is encouraging, motivating and is a great friend. She truly cares that you reach your potential and achieve your own personal definition of success.

I believe that there is a higher purpose for me. There are no accidents, and meeting and working with Tracy is no exception. I hope to help encourage other women to become the best they can be, and to achieve their dreams and goals too. Working with Tracy has been an amazing experience, I know it’s only the beginning! I have already recommended her to anyone that has complimented me on my progress. I couldn’t have accomplished these results without her!!

Tracy Beckham, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder & Fitness Trainer

Tracy Beckham is a professional bodybuilder, having won the Heavyweight Class and Overall Women’s Winner at the NPC Team Universe Competition in New York, July 2007. She is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Competition Training

Training for a Fitness or Body Building Competition? Why not train with someone who’s been there and knows what it takes – Tracy Beckham!

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Train with Tracy at the world-class Forma Gym in Walnut Creek, CA!

Fit at Any Age…

As we get older, our bodies change and we must adapt our workouts accordingly.

But you’re never too old to get fit and the benefits for our “senior” friends can be enormous.

Am I Too Old?

The truth is, you’re never too old be healthy; you’re never too old to feel good. Who doesn’t like to feel good?

When you’re ready to feel good, just let me know.

The importance of Nutrition…

Nutrition is the cornerstone of any fitness routine. No matter what your goals – weight-loss, improved health or just looking good, you must eat right to achieve those goals.

Client Testimonial by Kathy Wachowski

I started training with Tracy Beckham in March 2009 because I wanted to look “Fabulous” for my 50th Birthday in May. I had a lot of fear issues to deal with. I had a weak back and I had an old shoulder injury from training with an inexperienced trainer. Tracy was able to work with my fears and concerns and guide me towards my goals. She always paid strict attention to my exercise form and looked out for my safety.

By following Tracy’s Nutrition Plan and workouts, I was able to noticeably change my body by May. I looked and felt great and enjoyed all the compliments from friends and co-workers.

Intellectually, I knew working out would make me stronger, but I was so focused on changing physically that I didn’t pay much attention to my new strength until I took on the challenge of painting a room with a vaulted ceiling. I was able to climb ladders and paint for hours.

It has now been a little over a year that I have been training with Tracy. Training with Tracy is the Best gift that I have every given myself. I feel great! This is the best I have ever looked and being stronger has made my everyday life so much easier. Anything can be accomplished at any age. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. I once though I was “doomed” to live with a flat butt forever, and now it’s not flat anymore! It’s a miracle.

Thanks Tracy! You’re the Best!

Training for Competition

Taylor Hansen Wins NPC Teen Jr. California Figure Show

Taylor Hansen

Taylor Hansen

My success story began in early December 2008 when Tracy’s impressive physique caught my eye from across the gym. She looked like someone who knew a thing or two about training and nutrition, and since I had set my sights on competing in a figure contest that summer, I decided to introduce myself and maybe get a few pointers. I was thrilled when she told me that she could help prepare me for my first show. From then on, Tracy, an IFBB pro bodybuilder, became my inspiration.

It was only a week before I saw and felt a difference in my body with the nutrition plan that Tracy designed for me. I was shocked when I dropped three pounds within the first two weeks. I was already working out religiously, but I began to notice results in my weaker areas after Tracy made some corrections to my form. My dream of competing finally seemed within my reach!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much Tracy helped me as the date of my show approached. She covered everything from my diet and supplementation, training, posing, tanning, and every little detail that goes into a figure competition, which I know I would have overlooked. She even taught me how to wear lipstick! When I stepped on stage for the first time, I did not feel like a beginner. I knew that my physique was right on target, and I felt confident, polished, and professional.

Apparently, the judges thought so too, because I took first place at the NPC Junior California teen figure division, and fifth place in the “b” class…conquering both of my goals! It was the happiest day of my life, and aside from the hard work and dedication it takes to compete, I can honestly say that I owe it all to Tracy, who prepared me mentally and physically for my first show. Tracy was truly there for me every step of the way. I would strongly urge anyone looking to compete or to get in the best shape of their life to let Tracy guide you in your transformation.

Best of luck to all,
Taylor Hansen
NPC Figure Competitor

Tracy on TV!

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