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Training for Competition

Taylor Hansen Wins NPC Teen Jr. California Figure Show

Taylor Hansen

Taylor Hansen

My success story began in early December 2008 when Tracy’s impressive physique caught my eye from across the gym. She looked like someone who knew a thing or two about training and nutrition, and since I had set my sights on competing in a figure contest that summer, I decided to introduce myself and maybe get a few pointers. I was thrilled when she told me that she could help prepare me for my first show. From then on, Tracy, an IFBB pro bodybuilder, became my inspiration.

It was only a week before I saw and felt a difference in my body with the nutrition plan that Tracy designed for me. I was shocked when I dropped three pounds within the first two weeks. I was already working out religiously, but I began to notice results in my weaker areas after Tracy made some corrections to my form. My dream of competing finally seemed within my reach!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much Tracy helped me as the date of my show approached. She covered everything from my diet and supplementation, training, posing, tanning, and every little detail that goes into a figure competition, which I know I would have overlooked. She even taught me how to wear lipstick! When I stepped on stage for the first time, I did not feel like a beginner. I knew that my physique was right on target, and I felt confident, polished, and professional.

Apparently, the judges thought so too, because I took first place at the NPC Junior California teen figure division, and fifth place in the “b” class…conquering both of my goals! It was the happiest day of my life, and aside from the hard work and dedication it takes to compete, I can honestly say that I owe it all to Tracy, who prepared me mentally and physically for my first show. Tracy was truly there for me every step of the way. I would strongly urge anyone looking to compete or to get in the best shape of their life to let Tracy guide you in your transformation.

Best of luck to all,
Taylor Hansen
NPC Figure Competitor

Testimonial – Gabe Thomas

Gabe Thomas

Gabe Thomas

To those of you who dare to dream:

I can say with confidence and pride that Tracy Beckham was integral in helping me achieve my body transformation goals. Not only did she provide me with a workout plan specific for my body type, but she also instilled in me the importance of optimum nutrition and supplementation. There is a saying out there that says “when love and skill come together, expect a masterpiece,” and she embodies and exemplifies that to the highest level.

If you have ever wanted to feel better, increase your energy levels, lose body fat, and gain size, strength and confidence, then I suggest you consider Tracy Beckham as your new personal trainer and success coach. You never know, she could help change your life…she certainly helped change mine!

Yours in Health & Life,
Dr. Gabriel A. Thomas, D.C.


Did you know: Tracy is ACE Certified…

Besides being a Champion Bodybuilder, Tracy is ACE certified and an IBNFC Certified Nutrition Coach.

Just so you know…

Tracy trains Kinetic Chain Challenge winner!

Briona Kovaleff has won the 12-week fitness challenge sponsored by Kinetic Chain Sport Massage Therapy. Briona lost a total of 27lbs and 12% body fat!

And she was trained by Tracy Beckham of Body by Beckham.

Hitting Plateaus…

It’s inevitable that once the early goals have been met and you tasted a degree of success that you will reach a plateau.

Maybe you don’t seem to be getting any stronger or losing those last 5 to 10 pounds seems to be taking forever.

What to do? Grit your teeth and re-double your efforts?

Known to almost all athletes plateauing is simply a time to revisit your goals and come up with a new plan to reach those goals.

Tracy will work with you to come up with a new training regimen.


(Until the next plateau, that is…)

But I don’t know where to start…

The simple fact that you want to start is enough.

In other words, the initial motivation must come from the client.

Perhaps, you’re looking to change, but just don’t know how.

And let’s face it: working on your own can be frustrating, boring, and worse – often shows a real lack of results.

In other words, the perfect opportunity to quit.

Tracy sees her job as providing attainable goals AND the motivation to reach those goals.

And we know this as well: being able to reach a goal is a tremendous source of motivation.

Are you ready?

Setting goals…

Body By Beckham

When you first contact Tracy Beckham she will set up your initial FREE consultation to review your fitness goals.

And you’ll actually walk out with TWO sets of goals.

The first are short term, more attainable goals; the kind you can achieve in 2 to 3 months.

Like losing 10 pounds or dropping 2 dress sizes.

More important you will learn the skills and techniques to reach this goal.

The second set of goals are more long-term, to make you fit, functional, and stronger for the rest of your life.

Can’t achieve the long-term without reaching the short-term.

Can’t reach the short-term unless you get started.

Are you ready?

The First Step…


The first step in fitness – as in all things – has to come from you.

Typically, it’s the realization that something has to change.

You’re tired of the way things are.

And that can include:

    • Being tired all the time
    • No energy
    • Can’t fit into your clothes
    • Not looking good
    • Just not feeling good – and not feeling good about yourself
    • Any one of a million other reasons

Tracy Beckham’s Body by Beckham can help with all forms of planning, goals, and motivation but this First Step must come from you.

Has it happened yet?

Web-based Training

Live far away? Now through the wonders of web-based training you can achieve your fitness goals just as if you were working out at the gym with Tracy!